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Gracey Curette 11/12

Gracey Curette 11/12

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All mesial surfaces of bicuspids and molars. Terminal shank reach is 8 mm.

Wise standard Gracey curettes feature a blade face curve with a true radius that conforms to tooth anatomy better than any other brand. This means that Wise standard Gracey curettes are easier to adapt, require fewer strokes, and reduce tissue trauma better than any other brand. Our standard Gracey curettes have a 1.1 mm terminal shank diameter and blades that are 0.9 mm wide and 4 mm long.

Gracey Application Chart

Use this chart to select the correct Gracey patterns for your application.


All Surfaces : Gracey Patterns 1-2, 3-4 or 5-6

Premolars and Molars

Buccal & Lingual Surfaces : Gracey Patterns 7-8 or 9-10

Mesial Surfaces : Gracey Patterns 11-12 or 15-16

Distal Surfaces : Gracey Patterns 13-14 or 17-18